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Porch Enclosure Systems
Measuring & Installation Guide

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Panel Installation - Quick Guide

Porch Enclosure System Installation Overview

Porch Enclosure & Leisure Room Door Assembly


Porch & Patio

Porch Enclosure Systems

Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace® will transform your favorite space into a showplace! With screen and tempered glass options, you can add as much solar and insect control as you’d like, while keeping the view you love. Porch Enclosure Systems are a perfect way to add comfort to any covered porch or patio. Insects can’t permeate our extra strength polyester screening, which is just dark enough to give a hint of privacy. These systems are a must have on any porch, veranda or patio area.

Porch Enclosure Systems

The beauty of Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace® is that they conform to any space. Custom made to fit almost any size porch opening, these systems consist of panels made with powder coated aluminum framing, tempered glass, and durable screen. Designed to be as functional, compact and strong as possible, we’ve engineered significant performance into a slender panel design for a weatherproof room that will endure for years. Panels connect securely for a quick and efficient installation.

SummerSpace Porch Enclosures allow you to turn your open porch into a retreat that’s free of insects, with a perfect hint of privacy that comes from our extra strength polyester screening. Use your porch as a bug free screen room in summer months. As the weather or seasons change, slide your tempered glass windows closed for a weatherproof room that can be enjoyed during cooler times of the year.


Features & Options

With the quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from every SummerSpace product, the Porch Enclosure System offers features and options that deliver the perfect product every time. Experience the wonder of porch panel customization plus all of the benefits that come with unbeatable UV protection and structural integrity. Discover sensational features and special finishing touches for your new favorite space to linger.

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